The Hidden Recipe To be The Young Millionaire

In every young lad in mid 20s lies a Peter Parker who wanted to impress his dream girl by fighting as a cartoon hero at the local wrestling ring. later he lost his uncle and turned into “Spiderman”. Well thanks to the spread of information technology and money , entrepreneurship seems to be the best bet for getting rich. It is the best way to be fabulously and famously wealthy, get your dream girl  and impress her before you hit the mundane mid life crisis.

You will find more number of  newly minted billionaires and millionaires than the technology bubble that had burst a decade ago. The recipe cooked by H&R Block seems very simple- just take a free idea,mix in some free time and possible free Internet and poof!!! You are on you’re way to an astronomical net worth.

The organization in its infographic given below lists nine entrepreneurs for whom the recipe seemed to do the trick. Mark Zuckerberg, who at age 27 has an estimated personal net worth of tops the list, followed by Groupon founder Andrew Mason ($1.3 billion) and Firefox founder Blake Ross ($150 million).

Please share what else do you think entrepreneurs have in common and what according to you is the secret recipe.

Find out more about the entrepreneurs in the infographic below:



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