Unlocking the Gold Below the Fold

Industry estimates state that more than 30% of the ads are not seen by the target market irrespective of the publishers. This happens when the ads are stuffed at a part of the webpage less visited by the users or when  an ad has not finished loading  until the reader has passed it.

In such scenarios it leads to wastage of online ad buys and a big problem for ad agencies facing skepticism from clients about the efficacy about online ads. It also leads to increase in return over investment (ROI) metrics such as CPM (Cost Per Impression) , CPC ( Cost Per Click) and/or CPL (Cost Per Lead).

comScore and SAY Media seem to have addressed the menacing issue in the online media industry  that enables ad buyers the power to see that their adverts are not only served or executed but also seen by he target market.

According to Forbes’ Chief Insight Officer, Bruce Rogers, many brands responded to the financial crisis by retrenching to ads based on “transactional activities” — in other words, they’ll pay for ads that are clicked but not having their ads simply appear on a site.

Rogers hopes that Forbes’ decision to use comScore’s new tool, called “Validated Campaign Essentials,” will lead more ad buyers to build brand awareness by paying for pure impressions.

Such technology  promises a revolution in the industry by creating a win – win situation for the agency , advertiser and publisher triangle.  It would help track performance of ads on various location of the website , the behavior of the users and create trends and predictions about the performance of the ads placed on the various webpages at various locations of the webpage.

A common theory among publishers is that ads below the fold have a very less impact and Click Through Rate (CTR). But there are a large segment of users who visit below the fold of the website, besides considering the placement of the most shared or informative content on the website for the target market. Using the new technology publishers can provide detailed performance of ads on the various locations of the website. Definitely there’s a lot of “Gold” below the “Fold for the publishers

 The technology would come as an angel for the ad agency and ad buyers providing clear performance metrics and “healthy ROI” for their clients. Besides tracking the performance , it would reduce the operational expenses related to measure of the impact of the campaign. When deciding on the online media vehicles and websites – the past performance of the publishers would help create an estimated leads or ROI from the campaign.

Read More @ : http://paidcontent.org/2012/04/17/gold-below-the-fold-new-metrics-promise-end-of-unseen-ads/


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