How to Start A Career in Social Media

How many hours do you spend on the social networks in a day? You must have a lot of people around you nagging about the hours spent on facebook , twitter, youtube and many more. So why not make a career out of it. Social media has turned into a multi-billion dollar industry and opportunities to build a career around it are becoming increasingly common. The cost of technology has decreased and the internet has made the mobile phones smarter. Organizations today are spending less and earning more through this new media.

But the sheer fact is there are many people around the world declaring themselves as social media or online marketing expert/consultant. Any Ed, Edd and  Eddy thinks that creating accounts on the social networks , posting regular updates , increasing community size and maintaining a blog qualifies as candidate for the position. Social media marketing is all about putting the consumer in the center of the interaction and building content around it.

To shine out of the crowd requires some experience and understanding of social and digital media. Here are some of the many steps required to start your career in social media:

Understand Digital Media 

Before you start , it is important to know your own turf. Get basic understanding about internet and computers. Microsoft Office is the best way to start as it is used mostly in every organizations in the globe and most of the reporting happens there. Top it off with the various web browsers and the various type of websites.

Start Now:  

The world has always  taught a very important lesson  that be it a brand , organization or personalities – “ Early Mover Has the Biggest Advantage”. Rome was not build in a day , community building happens after a lot of efforts.

Show Some Results

  Organizations recruit to get the work done , by the most capable person. It is important to shine in the crowd- and define yourself as best in what they want to be done. A pinch of creativity can help your quest for your dream job.  For example, ad copywriter Alec Brownstein targeted creative directors at advertising shops in New York via clever search ads driving traffic to his website. From this, he received two offers. He then made a YouTube video showcasing the results which has received nearly 1 million views. The point is he knew what he want and did something creative and specific to achieve it.

Show dedication

Eric Friedman tells the tale of his job interview with renowned VC firm Union Square Ventures in New York. During the second round interview Eric sat down with one of the partners, Brad Burnham and presented his resume. Brad told Eric to hang on to it as he just wanted to chat. When Eric pressed him as to why, Brad responded with something awesome which went like this: “You can work really hard on crafting a well written, organized, resume with bullet points of accomplishments – but you can’t fake 500 blog posts.”

Your dedication and hard work is the advantage none can achieve or take away from you. Besides it helps decision makers to understand whether you are “the” person for the job.

To top it off follow you passion about your industry or hobby or topics. It can be anything starting from TV ads to the upcoming London Olympics, music bands, arts and what not. Use the halo of digital media to promote your thoughts and feelings. It can be through creating blogs , promote it on your social networks or you can answer or help others in your field of interest. The point being “ what are you doing on social networks and why should others care.” Success comes when you create a masterpiece and others would love to connect with you.

Till then ” Do What You Do – Love What You Do”


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