Smartphone Usage in India: He web browses and She Texts

The presence of smartphones in the Indian market has scaled higher within a very few year. Thanks to 3G internet speed promised by the networks , smartphones of various brands have found busy fingers tapping on them. Last year Nielsen India had published a report indicating a “seismic shift” as more  smartphone users engaged themselves by web browsing and checking out new apps, instead of the usual calling, texting and playing “snakes”.

The brains at Nielsen India have now discovered the various different ways in which men and women engage  on the smartphone in India. Using opt-in smartphone panels , the report provides some interesting insights as follows:

  • Men spend 50% more time web browsing than women
  • Women spend 3 hours more on calls than men
  • Men experiment and use more of apps than women


This report would be very beneficial for brands to understand to target the relevant audience based on gender.


From the report it seems more women are using chat apps like WhatsApp Messenger (which women use three times as much as men), Google Talk and Nimbuzz. While men like to install and use more relevant/engaging apps that must definitely include games and maps like Google Maps.


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