Mobile App Developers Beware : US Market likes Andriod

After all the hype and hoopla of the Google IO Event that held recently , there is some great news for all the excited Andriod developers. Latest reports from comScore stated that in May 2012 more than 50.9% of 110 million smartphone owners used Google Andriod as the operating system up by .8% followed by Apple iOS at 31.9% up by 1.2%. Google Andriod might be dominating with the biggest pie but Apple devices seems to be selling even more. It is great to find that even after 5 years of the launch, iOS is still a significant portion of the market.

On close look you would find that Apple iOS is increasing steadily and maintaining its market share since the fight with Google Andriod started. Developers also need to be cautious about the amount of innovation the think tanks can bring in which can directly increase their market share and demand for iOS  based apps. Andriod is an open source operating system whose enhancements and innovations have to be undertaken by device manufacturers alone like Samsung,Dell etc. On the same breath Andriod based smart phones/tablets are actually very reasonably priced compared to iOS , which gives another reason for the consumer to opt for reasonable Andriod.

History has witnessed that as the price of ownership of technology decreases, the acceptability increases, for example Internet across the world and increase in usage of BroadBand and 2G services in India with the decrease in prices. The same can be seen with the Andriod based devices.

What we have to look out for is the behaviour of smart phones in US market. Especially whether the innovations in device would increase the shift from Andriod to iOS. With the launch of Google Nexus ,the smartphone market seems to be ready for another big fight . So its time you choose which side you are on!!!!


Sagar Mandal



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