Creating Habit of Visits to your Website

With the increasing adaption of technology ,websites and search engines form an important part of today’s life. With Google Search just a click away, you cant say I dont know about something. It has been a habit for me to Google about people around me and those whom I am going to meet or any term that I come across while reading.

The world around me mystifies when relationship status changes after a fight with girlfriend(sigh!) , awesome video on YouTube is shared on Twitter, images of an event and uploaded on Facebook and/or Pinterest and many others. The websites have tangled the tech-savy mankind through the “habit” of engagement on every action in their daily life.

Rustling through my notes on Consumer Behavior I try to demystify the mystery of creating habit for customers to visit your website.

Action Without Thought

Habit is one of the ways the brain learns to respond to a situation. Like nail biting when enduring fear or stress. The brain learns the way to find temporary satisfaction  by chomping nails when enduring stress or fear.

A user visits a websites due to a certain need or attain certain satisfaction. The website should look at providing the best of information, products or services as required by the target market to which the website caters. Attaining the satisfaction creates a mechanism in the brain to respond in the similar way. The design and user interface also cater to create an impression in the memory which can be recalled later.

Like me , most of Internet users as of now, commonly use Google Search as it provides the required answer or satisfaction to the need of the hour. This in turn creates a habit.

The Vicious Cycle of Engagement

A recent study conducted at University College London, researchers followed participants as they attempted to form a habit of flossing their teeth. As one of its findings, the study concluded that the more frequently the new behavior occurred, the stronger the habit.

The social media and apps have taken the advantage of this vicious cycle of user engagement.Try uploading a pic of yourself or post a funny update on any social network and then log out. You would feel an inner urge to find out how many comments and likes your online activity has received. Finally, when you log on , you are engaging with what others have to say and what others are doing. The more the engagements and time spent, the more habit and users remain hooked.

Well, it does not mean that success of any e-venture lies in whether it is social or not. Websites can also engage with the consumers through social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc. or through its own channel like email updates, text messages etc.

The Need for More

Needs are linked to attainment to objectives and goals. As the goals are met , they are replaced with higher objectives which need – more. Consumers are often in the look out for more benefits , value and satisfaction. This is the same reason why IPhone launches new versions with more features, FlipKart ventures into listing new category of products like babycare and Facebook provides new ways to spy what others are doing( 😛 ).

Providing “more” can change the habit of consumers to visit a rival website. According to me, a website is a platter of various Bengali delicacies decorated in a tempting way as follows. As long as new and more delicacies are added, more and more users would continue visiting your website.

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3 thoughts on “Creating Habit of Visits to your Website

  1. I look at this from the perspective of the creator of a blog or website. How long will you wait for a user/customer to visit your blog/website. Have you not been waiting for somebody to comment on your blog. Can you work on a model for the same. Writeup is good…..

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