NASA Styled Social Media Listening Command Center


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While checking out the presentations of Dreamforce at SlideShare, I came across Cisco’s Social Media Listening Center. The pictures spoke a million words about Cisco’s investment in digital marketing to reach its business partners all over the world.More research revealed that many organizations own a social media command center similar to mission control at NASA to monitor their social media activities.ecked out with giant flat panel screens, sleek mood lighting and banks of monitors, the command centers track a dizzying array of real-time stats and indicators, from mentions on Twitter to general consumer sentiment and social media market share.

CISCO – Social Media Listening Center

The center,  features six large interactive touchscreens displaying a wide variety of data about social media conversations around Cisco and its brands, services and products. The Linux- and cloud-based proprietary Cisco Interactive Experience Solution creates the data visualizations and loads them onto the screens via an enterprise-grade browser. The data itself is generated by Cisco SocialMiner and Radian6 analytical solutions.

This is the CISCO social media listening center placed at Sagar Mandal's Blog

Dell’s Social Media Ground Control and Command Center

Dell’s Social Media organization includes a Social Media Ground Control and Command Center, and there are 70 employees monitoring and dealing with social media in 11 languages (English, plus Japanese, Chinese, Portugese, Spanish, French, German, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, and Korean). Dell’s Radian 6 based monitoring and management tools record about 25,000 social media events for the company each day, and they make a serious point of engaging with and responding to those things as quickly as possible. Most tweets, Facebook postings or other social media messages that request or merit a Dell response receive an acknowledgement or answer of some kind in no more than 24 hours, and that many are handled much more quickly than that.

With consumers flooding social media, and companies integrating Facebook and Twitter into business strategy, command centers are becoming standard equipment.  Applications range from tracking ad campaigns and monitoring community engagement to handling crisis management.  Gatorade pioneered the social command concept in 2010, deploying a mission control center in its Chicago headquarters with six reporting screens and space for five workers.  Today, they use it to analyze product reception and connect followers with star athletes via Twitter.  Earlier this year, the Red Cross launched a digital operations center staffed by three people to reach out to victims during natural disasters, with modules displaying everything from posts by people seeking family members to recent press coverage.  And Clemson University recently developed a social listening center where students monitor a half-dozen screens, pooling data for, among other purposes, research on how to better respond to campus emergencies.

Behind the sudden command center craze is a serious case of data overload.  Social technologies have given companies access to an unprecedented flood of new analytics, metrics and user data.  But making sense of it all has been a challenge.  Underneath the hood, command centers are wired to analyze millions of social conversations from not just Facebook and Twitter, but YouTube , LinkedIn , blogs and more.  Results are spit out onto wall-mounted screens customized with dozens of different modules — colorful charts and graphs tracking everything from retweets and Facebook Likes to buzz in the blogosphere and overall consumer sentiment.  At a glance, teams can take in social trends from thousands of users that would otherwise require hours, if not days, to sort through.

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