Microsoft makes devices talk to each other with SmartGlass App

The storm brews up as Red Bull‘s Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari‘s Fernando Alonso prepare to clinch the Formula 1 title on the new Austin track at Texas next week. While the racing teams practice there’s a bunch of young gamers vrooming through the tracks on their Xbox. Each assisted by a navigator providing vital info about key turns, route map , car’s performance , position and much more. The navigator is none other than the smartphone which accesses these information through Microsoft’s SmartGlass app. Thanks to Microsoft, the whole gaming experience could never have been better.
Released on October 26, the SmartGlass app from Microsoft acts as a remote control to your Xbox system. It enables inter-connectivity to control media playback across various devices like TV screens, desktop screens and even smartphones. Basically, it will let you navigate the Xbox dashboard, search for content, browse the Internet, track achievements, and message Xbox friends. Well the fact being it has taken the interaction between devices to the next level.
Imagine you are enjoying Ice Age 4 with your family and you have an important email to check through your Xbox. Instead of disturbing the screen you can access the Xbox through the SmartGlass app on your smartphone. Or you might want to check out more info about Robert Dawney Jr. while watching Avengers. There are infinite uses of this new technological breakthrough.
With PC sales hitting all time low , and after missing the smartphone OS bus, Microsoft is determined to have its presence felt against present pioneers- Apple and Google. Previously, the Kinect from Microsoft had pioneered in the motion sensing technology and enabled creation of more interactive games for Xbox. It gave an edge which none of its competitors – Playstation and Nintendo could gain.
Consumers today own multiple devices with multiple capabilities during multiple parts of the day. With SmartGlass from Microsoft it can enable integration of content from various devices and other infinite possibilities. Its time to watch if this new app can impact the sales of Microsoft Xbox and how does the competition better this technology.

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