Five Essential Digital Trends To Watch in 2013

2012 was a year of technical innovations that have impacted our life as we moved towards highly echoed – end of the Earth according to the Mayan Calendar. But technical glitches happen and that must have postponed the “end of Earth” event by a zillion years.

Lets have a look at some of the digital trends to experienced the world over.

1. The Third Screen

The smartphone is regarded as the “Second Screen” as it tries to move every rock to make our life simpler and not having one is almost regarded as “social stigma”. The smartphone would evolve into devices which I categorize as the”Third Screen”. These devices would light,mobile and sit closer to our eyes, adding information to the world as we see it. A very good example would be device like Google Glass(check out the video) , is a hands free display technology which Sergey Brin describes it as ” wearable smartphone”. There are also reports about a group of scientists who have devised a lens which would display images from a smartphone.

2. “Talkative” Devices

Every morning I enjoy my cup of coffee while reading The Times of India on my tablet, cruise to my campus enjoying music on my smartphone and later, I continue checking out various news updates on my laptop. One Life Many Devices. But what if the devices could talk to each other my automatically transfer my sessions on each device so that I can continue working. For example, I select a restaurant for my date on my laptop in my campus, but I would need a smartphone to guide me to the restaurant. This would involve searching the restaurant again and if its a chain, you need to remember the location. Software apps like Microsoft’s SmartGlass would enable devices to share information about the usage sessions without the hassle of lengthy syncs. Devices like Asus Padfone which is actually a combination of a netbook, tablet and smartphone could also hold the solution to the problem. I am sure that tech companies have these ideas in mind and we would have more innovations on this side of the world.

3. Behavior is the new Demographic in Advertising Campaigns

Today behavior defines a person and not demographic factors like age,gender, income etc. Advertising campaigns on digital media would be guided by the online behavior of consumers which is an outcome of  psychographics, lifestyle behaviors, and passions of like-minded customers. With opportunities like Real-Time-Bidding or RTB it would revolutionize the way advertisers manage and create their campaigns.

4. Smart Data instead of Big Data

2012 was the year when businesses realized the potential of Big Data and had deployed resources with a hope that they would provide high returns in terms of specific targeting , forecasting ,online consumer behavior etc. But enterprises have been grabing data from various sources creating a surplus of data overload instead of data insight. This year with addition of significant number of manpower, enterprises would identify data which can provide value insights replacing big data with “smart data”.

5. Marketing and IT departments to be merged

Thanks to low cost of digital devices and internet connectivity, consumers can now be reached globally,locally and easily. marketing departments have increasingly invested in technology with the IT teams supporting their cause. 2013 may find enterprises merging their marketing and IT teams internally to create synergy which would lead to marketing campaigns which reach ,engage and convert consumers, globally.

Have a great year ahead.

Sagar Mandal

PS: I am looking for job opportunities to contribute my passion and skills in digital marketing and technology. Please help me by referring me to or communicating to me about job opportunities in your enterprise. You can download my updated resume here: check out my visual resume here: and get in touch with me on


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