The Keywords Are Dead

Thanks to Google Panda updates Search Engine Optimization has today become a ” Mission Impossible” for webmasters and SEO Consultants. Gone are those days when maximum content writing, submission and  bookmarking on high PR websites lead to higher optimization of websites – happy customers and wads of cash.

We optimizers may have skipped the fact that over the years the users behavior  on search engines has evolved as :

  • They know how to Google( A verb since 2006)
  • Recognize the best search results to click
  • Expect relevant  content or engagement after the click

The most important new behavior being users are not using only keywords but using a query phrase which contains relevant keywords. They expect the search results to contain the relevant content powered by maturing search algorithms which match consumer intent with keywords.

Consumer intent defines the behavior of the consumer while searching for relevant content online. Today, a consumer knows what he wants and he expects the results to be relevant to his expectations. Search engines come in with smarter algorithms ,heuristics and past data( which we criticize as “Google Panda Updates”).

Digital marketers should try to align the brand’s website and/or social engagements with the intent of the target market/consumer instead of traditional keywords based optimization. Based on my experience and inputs from thought leaders, I have created a roadmap which can be used to increase online conversions.

  1. 1.      Why Do the Consumers Need You?

Sounds silly , but you need to understand why does your business exists in the market or who will miss you , when you go out of business. A brainstorm with your team will lead to the various reasons why consumers visit your website and what are the keywords they use to reach your website.

  1. 2.      Quantify Your Queries

Your list now contains everything your company does and potentially wants to be found for. But as a business owner you might not be willing to be listed for certain keywords. Add a priority or quantify them with a number ( Eg.: 1 being highest or lowest). This will enable to understand which efforts to prioritize and allocate maximum resources.

3.      Smart Segmentation

A query is a mirror image of consumer intent. The queries can be segmented based on the various types of intent, listed as follows:

i.            Navigational

ii.            Informational

iii.            Transactional

Navigational Queries: The purpose of such queries is to reach a particular website that user has in mind either they have visited in the past or they assume that such a website exists. Example of such queries are : “makemytrip” ( To reach , “socanu” ( To reach

This type of queries can also related to search queries for certain products and services. For example “transcend  160 hardrive” is searched with the intent to purchase the product or find reliable resources with more information about the product.

Informational Queries: The purpose of consumer when searching with such queries is to find out more information about the product. Very common examples of  informational queries are : “Dabaang 2 Movie Review” ( To get information about reviews for Dabaang 2 Movie) Samsung s3 price ( To get information about prices for Samsung S3).

Transactional Queries :The consumer performs such queries with a vision to act on  any particular product or service. Action here refers to web related consumer behaviors like download, purchase, create profile etc. Such queries create opportunities for the digital marketer to reach closer to the target consumer.

4.      Create Satisfying Content :

Ask any digital marketer about the success factors of digital marketing, and s/he’s definitely going to speak about “engaging content”. But before engaging it should be taken care that the content for which the user has visited the website from search engines has the relevant content to satisfying his needs. After satisfaction, various methods can be implemented to engage with the visitor and convert him into a consumer, later royal consumer.

Utilizing the way we have segmented the queries, the content should be generated accordingly as follows:

  • Navigational Queries:

Creating a brand takes time, so these kind of queries would be very low if you have not taken any marketing initiatives previously. For such queries the relevant content would be information about the brand and the products/services provided by the brand.

  • Informational Queries:

These type of queries provide opportunity for business to form as a digital brand. When queries from Google lead to your website regularly, it is possible that the user might visit your website directly to get more information. Leads can be generated by providing information in terms of research report, industry report, best practices, presentations and infographic to the user in exchange for contact information. The user can later be contacted to be converted into a loyal user. Marketers should make sure that the content emphasizes on providing content rather than convincing the consumer to use the product/service.

  • Transactional Queries:

Websites should be ready with avenues to interact with the consumer. On-site engagements, uncomplicated next steps and easy to register processes are some of the ways to enhance the customer’s digital experience. This increases the likelihood for a consumer to join or use or purchase products or services. A good customer interaction and experience leads to creating a sustainable digital brand.

With changing times the dynamics of the market would change and according to the law of nature, we have to change accordingly.

Best Wishes on Your Digital Marketing Campaigns


Sagar Mandal

PS: I am looking for job opportunities to contribute my passion and skills in digital marketing and technology. Please help me by referring me to or communicating to me about job opportunities in your enterprise. You can download my updated resume here: check out my visual resume here: and get in touch with me on


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  1. I need to to thank you for this very good read!
    ! I absolutely enjoyed every bit of it. I
    have got you saved as a favorite to look at new stuff you post…

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