Google Adwords Enhances Reach To Your Target Audience

This week was full of reports about Facebook creating a new mobile application which tracks user location even when the app is not running. The mobile app which is scheduled to release in mid-March would allow Facebook to deliver ads related to location.

But Google Adwords has taken a significant move yesterday as it announced an upgrade called – “Enhanced Campaigns“. It would allow advertisers to target consumers based on location, type of device and time of the day, in a single campaign.

The 3 main features, the digital marketing community is talking about are:

  • Enhance Local Reach: Advertisers can target audience who are present in a certain geographical location by increasing bids on keywords.Eg. :” If this keyword query is from a mobile device close to Taj Mahal, Agra increase bids by 20%”.
  • Ads based on Device Type: It is a tough job to create every combination of ad creative for every type of mobile device. Adwords now delivers ads based on the compatibility of the device to display the creative. So a store like Landmark with a physical and digital presence can show ads with click to call and location extensions for people searching on a smartphone while showing a banner ad for their e commerce website for people searching on a PC.
  • Advanced Reports to Measure Action : Adwords reports would now integrate actions like call or app download. It would provide a clear picture to the digital marketer to understand the impact of the campaign and most importantly, consumer behavior.

Here’s a sneak peek of the new Enhanced Campaign options that will be available in the settings tab:

AdWords Bid Adjustment Location


Best wishes to many more successful campaigns.


Sagar Mandal

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