Evergreen Content: A Smart Way To Generate Leads

Every individual irrespective of time and technology has some queries for which he/she requires answers. It might be how to decide on purchasing a smartphone or simply how to cook. So, basically an individual looks for some information or rather some solution to the problem he/she might be facing and types out some search terms on search engines like Google. The results refer to pages which talk about the problem and/or provide solution.sagar mandal, sagar, social media, social media marketing, facebook, twitter, linked in , google

Brands have this big opportunity to showcase themselves as the leaders or the solution providers in the industry by creating content which I refer them as “evergreen content”. Irrespective to time such content should relate to the basic questions which are asked by a consumer in a particular industry. Such content can be optimized to reach the target audience before a competitor does. For example, in the month of January this year I had created a blog post about how digital marketers can use Facebook Graph Search   and everyday I receive visits from search engines for keywords about “how to use Facebook Graph Search” . If I were a social media agency or a freelance consultant I could have included a call-to-action to generate leads.

Evergreen content is one smart way to generate lead as long as its relevant and updated, since we know Google “likes” “fresh” content . Here are some of the ways to you can create evergreen content for your business :

1) Ask Your Customers : Your customers are the best people who can tell you how do they search for information on the web. Trust me I had conducted some research and I got awesome insights which helped increase reach to target audience on digital media.

2) Web Analytics : Analyze the keywords for which you have more visits to your website ( yeah I know about Google secure search). Focus content based on the keywords and try to create content which provide solution or advice.

3) Lookout for future problems : In this ever changing world where factors like technology, law, weather and people impact how you do business in the society. Every individual and business reacts to that particular change be it the new Facebook Graph Search or a hurricane. When things change, it might create constraints or trouble and your business should be the first to inform the target audience about it with a perfect solution.

You might have a set of such problem solving or advisory content already available on your website, make sure that you update them regularly.

Here are 5 quick benefits on creating “evergreen content” :

  1. Connect with the target audience.
  2. Increase conversions from website visitors to leads.
  3. Establish your brand as thought leader in the industry.
  4. Improve rankings on search engines
  5. Increase in social sharing of the content.

Best wishes for success in your online marketing efforts.


Sagar Mandal


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