Gmail Tabs Puts Your Email Marketing Campaigns in Danger: Here’s The Rescue Plan

gmail-hires-gmail1Email Marketing is definitely an integral part of any digital marketing initiatives no matter if you are providing a service or a product. But sincere efforts from Gmail can actually jeopardize your email marketing strategy. Soon the  high open rates, click through rates (CTR) which brought you closer to your targeted customer would be a thing of the past thanks to the new ” Gmail Tabs”

No need to worry, here’s a _ step plan to make sure you reach your audiences on Gmail.

What are “Gmail Tabs” ?

Last week GMail rolled our “Gmail Tabs” which organizes your email into : “Primary”, “Social and “Promotions” which are the default tabs.


Your notifications from “social media” websites like LinkedIn, Facebook etc are grouped under “Social”, the regular emails under “Primary” and the email marketing campaign which your competitor just initiated lands on “Promotions”.

If you haven’t received the update yet, you shall see it very soon. The worst part being, it is automatically turned “on” and it automatically segregates emails into the various tabs.


Gmail Tabs ensures that your email inbox remains clutter free and you get your important,related emails get staring right in front of you.

The good old days when you knew the best time when your target audience opens & reads your email are all over. With Gmail Tabs, the user wont even realize that your email has landed since the default primary tab is always open and that’s where the important communication, preferably from a person lands.

Email has always been a way to keep in touch with your customers, provided they have given you permission or opted for the newsletters.

Twitter,Facebook and LinkedIn  have created rules of engagement for your message to appear your target audience leading to a “play” or “pay” scenario.

The Rescue Plan

The objective is to communicate to all your Gmail subscribers about the new update which  disables you from reaching them.

Step 1: Create content video,blog etc. which educates about the new Gmail update and how it might affect the communication between you, the brand and the subscribers.

Step 2: Distribute the content created on your website and social media channels.

Step 3: Add the same content to the page when a user lands on your website after subscribing to your newsletters.

Step 4:  Segment Gmail subscribers in your list, no need to disturb everyone about the new update.

Step 5:  Send a personalized fully text email, to the Gmail subscribers preferably from a personal id. If you are the CEO of the company you can send out a message from your Google account. The objective here is to communicate about the update to your Gmail subscribers by avoiding being marked as “spam” or “promotion” message and also telling them about the core value proposition of your email newsletters.

You know they say “Not the strongest or intelligent man/woman, but a man/woman who can adapt to the change of the times, can survive”


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