Content is King, Relevance is Queen, Excitement is Mistress

The mistress among the king and queenYou must have read this quote a million times -” Content is King , Relevance is the Queen”. History  taught us about many great kings, their queens and their mistresses. There are many known legends that portray that a mistress was like an extra pinch of your favorite spices to daily routine and no surprise it still happens today. So putting the king,queen and mistress in context of digital media, I would rephrase the quote as : “Content is King, Relevance is  Queen, Excitement is Mistress“.


Whats is excitement got to do with your content? Well it is an important factor. Remember the awkward moment when a within a few minutes of conversation your guest starts yawning. That is the sign which says to you “Man, Sussshhh”.  The content publishing world on digital media is multi-media rich to take the conversation to the next level. No one is interested to read between the lines and understand and thanks to internet our attention span decreases every day.

You must be following evergreen content strategy or a relevance content strategy which makes you work relentlessly to create new content everyday which might achieve a place on the first page on Google. Congrats! you must be receiving huge traffic on your website. But a close look at your Google Analytics would reveal that the time spend on your website is quite less. This might be because the content is boring.

Here’s how to add a “mistress” a.k.a. “excitement” for your business on digital media :

1. Animated GIFs : A picture says a million words, but animated GIFS says a million words more to your picture like “awesome”, “I want this” etc. Take a look at the GIF image of Lou Boutin’s sparkling pair which every girl would want. Just imagine the image without the sparkle it just informs the customer about the pair available at your store. Your website should be able to convert a viewer or visitor to a satisfied customer who can be a loyal customer and your brand ambassador. The key here lies with you to make the content impulsive and engaging.

2. Visualization of Concept : Concept visualization is not an infographic but a representation  of the concept you are trying to portray through an image. In simple terms just imaging how you would design a slide on your presentation which relates to the topic you are going to speak.

It is highly effective when you are posting content on your blog on various social networks like LinkedIn,Facebook etc. An image gives a snapshot of the value proposition killing the necessity to read through your status update. It creates an impulsive behavior to the viewer to find out more details.

3. Videos : With increasing availability of fast internet accesses and decreasing costs of smartphones, videos are a medium to reach out to a large audiences. Plus platforms like Vine and Instgram are creating new rules of engagement with short videos which can make you laugh, go awww or check more info.

Videos can work in two ways for your content. You can create a preview of a concept and guide viewers to your website or create a video with more details about the concept with a small write up on your website. The idea being to reach out to the viewer touchpoints and then guiding them to your owned media(website) & earned media (social networks/review websites).

4. SlideShare Presentations : They said” The world is a stage..” and internet brought to a reality. Presentations enables you to tell your story in a step by step manner aided with a lot of images,videos & a pinch of text. I take this opportunity to present the next  gen of presentations – Prezi creating and presenting content had never been so awesome.

5. Controversial Content : Controversies are a magnet of engagement and provocative to drive a huge amount of traffic to your website. Created an article that challenges notions and if executed positively it can create wonders – from awareness to motivated emotion to follow your brand closely by subscribing ( Like/Follow) to your social media networks.

6. Listen & Communicate : Find out what is your network or target audience talking about on social media. Are they facing any issues or problems or they are looking for any info? Instead of putting out just any content try to respond to them through a blogpost. Later you can communicate it to them about your website. This would help you cut the media clutter and reach out to the customer or consumer who would later look upon you as a thought leader of the industry.

How to find what your audience is talking about? Apps like Hootsuite help you find content with respect to a certain keyword and hashtag on Twitter. Facebook & Google+ enable you to search content based on hashtags, unfortunately LinkedIn recently disabled “Signal” functionality which allowed you to look for updates on a specific keyword.  You can track discussions on relevant groups on LinkedIn, create content and then post it with your replies.

Implement the above 5 methods and before you realize your business would get a mistress.

Good Luck & Godspeed for your digital marketing initiatives.

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Sagar Mandal


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