What is Native Advertising?

“Native Advertising” has been lately sung in chorus by What is Native Advertising the digital marketing crowd. Just like the historic telephone every brand wants it to reach out & engage their target audience on social media.

But what is “Native Advertising” ?

My dear Watson, native advertising is referred to as sponsored content in context with the discussion & platform which aims to increase user experience & interaction. In simple words it integrates sponsored content into the organic feed on any platform which imitates the style, voice & format of the said platform.

Lets behold the truth that we the users do not want to read advertisements. Those popups, splash pages, colourful boxes surrounding the page attract us only to the cross button only if it is available. While reading content or enjoying our experience we do not want to be distracted. Adobe’s “Click Here: State of Online Advertising” study found consumers still prefer “old school” – print, TV, outdoor – advertising to newer online channels, suggesting brands have “a lot of work to do” to capture consumer attention in the digital world. Almost two thirds of consumers (62 per cent) described online ads as “annoying”, while almost half said they were “invasive” (45 per cent) and “distracting” (44 per cent). Just a small group said online ads were “eye catching” (13 per cent), “clever” (12 per cent) or “persuasive” (8 per cent).

Native advertising promises to help the cause of the brands by putting content in context with organic feed without disturbing the user experience. The main notion being that user has freedom to engage & participate with the ad which gathers a space in their attention span – a feat which is impossible with banner ads.

For instance, this BuzzFeed post entitled “15 Reasons Why Cats Are the Most Fearless Creatures” looks just like any other story on the site, but it’s actually an ad for retailer Target.

Leading publishers like Forbes, Gawker, Tumbler & The Atlantic are putting together resources to monetize & enable users to engage with brands with the power of content.

3 Pillars of Effective Native Advertising

In order to gather higher engagement with your audience, your brands needs to empower the 3 key pillars of native advertising – Quality, Relevance & Transparency .

Quality is definitely the key aspect of any content. Brands need to make sure that the content ensures the highest standards of engagement & experience to the user.

Relevance is the Queen, when Content is the King”.  It should be taken care that content is published in relevance to the discussion happening, so that the user experience is not disturbed. Most importantly it helps them to perceive that this post is organic & prevents them to bounce to any other channel.

Sponsored posts must also be displayed transparently in which they should clearly appear to be exactly what they are: advertisements in article form

Advertisers & publishers should empathize the user experience when they find low quality, irrelevant content appearing on their field as it would lead to negative brand sentiment instead of the expected engagement.


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