How To Integrate Social Proof To Your Business & Increase Profits

The foremost characteristic of every human being is “being social”. We try to replicate others because we always fear the “uncertain” and “unknown”. Need of an identity & belonging are needs of every man as being different or disapproved leads to being cornered lonely.

It’s brain science. Psychologists call this conformity, herd behavior, or the bandwagon effect. Marketers call it social proof.

Social proof gives you an opportunity that your product/service is accepted by other customers.

Options are a de facto regime of the world today. With so many options in front the consumer is confusedhappily confused to make the perfect choice. Happy because s/he believes that the perfect & exact solution to her/his problem exists while confused about what would others think .

The power of digital media and all the conversations happening across social media channels makes social proof-ing easy. Every webpage today adorns the social media icons dangling on their page keeping a count on the number of times it has been shared. A product/service description page is incomplete without the 5 stars of ratings & reviews. 85% of consumers say that they refer to online reviews before making a purchase at a local business, and 67% of shoppers read 6 online reviews or less before feeling that they can trust the business.

With social proof fueling the purchase bandwagon, here’s how to integrate it to your business.

1. Messaging :

Let’s start  with the most important & universal law follows by every marketer –“Content is King”.Content used on your blogs, websites or communication form the stepping stones for your customer to purchase.

Use messages which target your buyer persona like:

  1. Used by professionals across the globe.
  2. Followed by <X number> of financial professionals.

2. Social Sharing Buttons:

Each tweet , like , share of comment is like a vote of confidence for your content. Make sure that your blog post have these social sharing buttons dangling to prove that its worth a read


3. Influencers:

Influencers are like brand ambassadors those multinational corporations have to endorse their products. The more well known and respected influencer, the more powerful is the  social proof.

Try and reach out to your network of influencer by providing them with a free trial or a free product requesting to send their feedback.  Make sure you have placed the feedback prominently on the website above the fold so that visitors notice it.

Testimonials especially from influencers work a lot better when added with an image.

4. Featured In :

If you’ve e got covered by the media, you have a chance to improve your credibility and conversion rate. Right there on the homepage, show logos of news media and websites that have mentioned you.

This works great for businesses involved in PR, but guest bloggers also have this opportunity. If you’ve ever guest posted on a well-known site, add the logo to your homepage or your bio page.


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