Google Mobile-Friendly Update: Go Mobile and Rank Higher on Search Results

Earlier this year Google had announced that it was making changes to its search algorithms to factor in mobile friendliness of websites as a ranking metric on its search results. Meaning if you land on your website on your smartphone and have to tap, zoom or let’s say even touch the screen to view content – your ranks would be downgraded. By the time you have read this article, Google’s new update dubbed as #Mobilegeddon would have added the new gear to its search engine and flipped its mobile-friendly switch.Google Mobile-Friendly Update

Google Goes Mobile With The Crowd

It was a long time ago when Tom Hanks was using Google Search on a mobile device while travelling in Angels & Demons, most of the world exclaimed – “Can you actually do that?”. The world has been better since then and smartphone usage has trended significantly higher.

IDC indicates that a total of 1.3 Billion Units of smartphones were shipped in 2014 which is up by 27.7% compared to 2013. On the same breath, Gartner announced that worldwide PC shipments of 83.7 Million units which is up by a negligible 1%.  The crowd seems to have tasted happiness with smartphones.

Most importantly, Google had always prioritized user experience across all its products and most importantly search. With multiple updates from Panda to Penguin , Google’s search algorithms have always strived to be human.  This update is another effort of Google to adapt to the technological change of the humans by being mobile-friendly.

The Survival Strategy

The primary message that a website sends to a user is : “This is the content you are looking for”. Once that objective is achieved it could create a habit for the user to interact with the website first before going Google. A very good example being , users searching for electronics on Amazon first.

Business should look at integrating the above objective to create a mobile exclusive experience for the user. Such a long-term strategy would ensure that market trends are followed without compromising on user experience.

Is My Site Mobile-Friendly?

The only way to know if your site is already indexed by Google as mobile friendly is to see if your site has the mobile friendly label in the mobile search results. Google may still need some time to update their index to pick up on the fact that your web pages are mobile friendly. In the meantime, Google’s mobile friendly testing tool can help answer your questions about being mobile friendly


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